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A Mother's Love by SOLID (full size poster)


A Mother’s Love

By SOLID copyright 2008

It takes a lot to be a mother;

A mother's love is like no other.

Teaching and learning as we go,

trying to figure out things we don't know,

So our children can grow up to be great,

we show them a world filled with love and not hate.

And teach them to be both courageous and strong,

to always mind their manners, and try to get along.

To be responsible for both your choices and your actions,

and to always be prepared in case of an adverse reaction.

Sometimes it's too late when we figure out we were wrong.

Which is mostly the reason there are so many poems and songs.

So, Let your Mama know you love her while she is still here.

Call her and visit often, sharing memories so dear.

Send her cards and flowers to let her know you care,

And give her plenty of pictures so that she always feels you're there.

Remember what she told you, because soon you will grow old,

And you will be responsible for sharing

the things that you were told.

To help lead the next generation

to find a better way

to handle all the problems

that face the world today.

And if you are a Mother,

you are to be commended,

For you have received a gift from God

that will last until this world has ended.

Remember that when passing down

advice by which to live,

It's always best to share both sides


Tell the truth and do not lie,

even about the things that made you cry,

You are the one they'll look up to.

They'll call just to ask "Ma, what do I do?"

In order to ensure that your responses are wise,

always seek God's advice before you reply.

It's ok to tell your children

if there's something you don't know,

Just keep them in church and reading their Bibles

and they'll know where to go.

When times get hard and the going gets tough

they'll turn to God when they've had enough

of running and being deceived by this world,

Where thoughts and emotions

have you caught in a swirl.

So stick by your Mama, she's got what you need,

God showed her the things that you'll need to



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